Letting Go

As you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram I’ve decided to phase out the vintage part of my business. This really hasn’t been an easy decision as vintage was the beginnings of Madehame.

Trying to balance the demands of a small business with a young family is difficult. Recently it’s become harder to justify the sacrifices needed to maintain the vintage collection, whether that is time spent sourcing or the storage space needed.

I want to devote more time to growing the creative side of Madehame as well as being more present at home, but being pulled in so many directions left me failing in all areas  So in an effort to be less stressed, more focused and content I realised had to let the vintage go.

One reason I held on so long is thinking I would be disappointing all those who have supported and championed my small collection; that I wasn’t being true to my original goals. But when I stopped and thought about it from the beginning I didn’t really have a goal in mind other than having a successful creative outlet that allowed me to exist within and outwith motherhood.

I hope everyone will understand my reasons for closing this chapter and see the satisfaction and personal pride I get from making, teaching and selling macrame.

Thanks for understanding and continuing to follow my journey.

As a last hoorah I will be selling all vintage stock at 50% off at my next events.

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