Zero Waste Making and Living

Cotton tassels

In the run up to Christmas it has been really exciting to see the buzz around the #justacard campaign encouraging us all to shop small and indy.   In my mind shopping local always ties into being less wasteful.

This year I’ve made some small changes to my shopping habits mainly because I was so tired of poor quality food, extra plastic and waste.  Changes such as re-starting my veg box delivery, getting milk delivered by a local dairy and supporting local makers where I can. Putting money back into to the local community, getting better quality produce (less food waste for a start!) and service has been a pleasure. 

Pink beets from Locavore

It occurred to me that if these choices are important to me as a consumer it’s doubly important as a maker.
When my business focused on vintage I used to say “why buy new when I could buy vintage?” Now that I’m focused on my own creative output I definitely don’t want to be adding excess waste to the world.  I also want my customers to be confident that I’m making smart choices in the materials I use.

Unbleached cotton

If you follow my Instagram you’ll notice my colour palette is nearly always off white. This is not just an aesthetic choice (although I do love warm ivory tones). I’m making a conscious effort to only use unbleached, non-chemically dyed fibres, which are eco friendly. ….(I’m planning  some more natural dyes in the new year as the turmeric was such a success!)

Adventures with turmeric

As part of my making process I keep all the off cuts from my large projects to use on smaller makes. This is something a lot makers do as it’s simply wasteful and uneconomical not to. However using unbleached cotton allows me to compost any small trimmings that cannot be repurposed. 

Hopefully you will appreciate my transparency and not think I’m being preachy! I’ll continue to make changes going forward as I reconsider my packaging, promotional materials and selling venues. 

This is likely to be the last blog post before my Christmas break so best of the season to you all! 

Debbie x
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